• Rob

Whist I spend most of my time outside of the driver seat these days, working on the engineering side of the race team, it's become clear over the last few years that the use of simulators in the race team was becoming far more common. However, the growth of e-sports and the demand for ever more realistic gaming experiences meant that there was potentially room in the middle for a technically excellent simulator with at a realistic price point. We know how much it costs for an hour in a professional F1 Sim!

So, I started looking at the frame, the seating position, the pedals, the feedback from the hardware... and a hundred other things that I know matter to drivers when they are getting to know a track. The aim was to see if I could develop a next generation racing Sim. I then brought in a few drivers to start really giving feedback on improving the racing experience... There was no shortage of volunteers to come and drive in the Sim!

The result is The Challenger. Something that will work for teams, as well as your e-sports enthusiast. Tomorrow see's us take the challenge on the road as we visit the White Box Summer party as the Challenger becomes a charity feature to raise money for a great cause.

One thing is for sure, never under estimate just how competitive racing can get!

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