If you're serious about Sim racing, or you require a simulator rig for self improvement on the track, you need good quality equipment to achieve the best results.

Developed by race engineers to improve track performance

Motor racing is a cash and time-intensive sport. Every second on the track counts, and being able to optimise racing lines and performance, whilst getting up to speed in new circuits, off the track is vital. Time on simulators has become essential to modern racing and can give drivers a competitive advantage over those who can't access the best simulator experiences.

However, we live in a digital world and with technology developing at pace, online racing (e-sports) is growing in popularity. F1 teams now employ professional e-sports drivers,  with races broadcast both online and via major TV networks, e-sports has grown to such an extent that it is the second most-watched sport in the US. 

Whether you are a virtual or track driver, the Challenger Rig has been designed to replicate the driving experience from Touring cars to F1 to historics, The Challenger Rig gives you the hyper-realistic simulator experience you need to improve your own performance. Making each second on the track count a little more.